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PF Holdings’ portfolio companies provide a unique, full-service offering and a strategic approach to simplify complexities for our clients while delivering full supply chain assurance. 

Solutions provided by the portfolio companies include project design and manufacturing, sand and chemical supply, logistics coordination and data reporting, automation technology, emissions reduction, and additive manufacturing. Working with PF Holdings’ integrated companies reduces costs and inefficiencies for customers, enabling growth in market share.

The PF Holdings leadership team combines deep-rooted industry knowledge and financial expertise with energy and agility to provide customer-centric, practical, and technologically advanced sustainability. 

Our portfolio of established and dependable companies reliably operate efficiently and effectively, driving innovation and commercial success for the future, for the benefit of industry, our clients, and the world.

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Oil & Gas Equipment & Services

Support Activities for Oil and Gas Operations (213112)

Oil and Gas Field Services, Not Elsewhere Classified (1389)

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Investor Relations
Lance Turner, CFO
333 Shops Blvd., Suite 301
Willow Park, TX 76087
T: 254-776-3722

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ProFrac Holding Corp.
333 Shops Boulevard
Suite 301
Willow Park, TX 76087